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Executives Want to Donate to Charity: These 3 Hurdles Are Stopping Them

Posted on June 26, 2018
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Executives Want to Donate to Charity: These 3 Hurdles Are Stopping Them

Most busy executives want to donate to the charities and causes they care about – but actually making it happen? Well, that’s another story.

Facing jam-packed schedules, a tenuous work-life balance and all kinds of demands and obligations outside the office, executives often let their charitable goals fall by the wayside.

Have you found yourself in the same boat, looking to make a difference in the world, but unable to execute? Here are the three biggest challenges executives like you face in charitable giving – and what you can do to power through.

They don’t have time to vet charities or seek them out.

You might know what causes you care about, but what charities donate to those causes? Which ones do active, meaningful work in those areas and which just take your money and pour it into marketing? Vetting charities – as well as what they do with your money  – is important before making a donation. But sadly, most executives lack the time to do this. A great solution? Use a giving platform that has already vetted and verified participating charities. It cuts down on time and it streamlines the whole process.

They forget to donate regularly.

You barely have time to sit down for dinner, let alone attend volunteer events or remember to write a check to your favorite charity. Sure you could add it to your calendar or set up an alert every quarter, but don’t you already have enough filling your days? Busy executives need an easier, more efficient way of donating that automates the process.

They’re balancing too much. No matter how good a cause it is, most executives just don’t want to add anything else to their plate. You’re already struggling to keep all your plates in the air, and the thought of putting anything else in the mix can be overwhelming. Busy execs need a solution that combines tasks they’re already doing (like mentoring sessions, for example) and charitable giving all in one. This eliminates extra work and allows them to achieve their goals of giving simultaneously.

The iConnectX platform addresses all these challenges and more. A unique solution that lets executives offer mentoring services (something they’re likely already doing), iConnect digitizes the experience and monetizes it for charitable use. Professionals can use the platform to connect with well-suited executive mentors, pay for a digital mentoring session, and see those funds donated to a charity of the executive’s choice. All charities are fully vetted and verified before joining the platform.

Are you interested in donating to charity but just don’t have the time or energy? Turn your mentoring sessions into a one-stop shop for giving. Just pick your favorite organizations and causes, and your mentees will do the rest.

Register on iConnectX today to see for yourself.