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FAQ Categories


How do I participate as an organization?

Answer :   Charity/Nonprofit : When you register on iConnectX as a nonprofit organization, you are enabled with tools to set up an iConnectX page in the platform to promote your cause, programs, volunteer opportunities, Fundraisers, Auctions, Host events, sell tickets and gain more donors.

Company Account: When you register as a Company, you are enabled with tools to set up an iConnectX page in the platform to promote your business and build your brand.  You can follow and support nonprofits as part of your corporate social responsibility programs and engage your employees to register and make more of an impact supporting your cause.

  • Sponsor community events
  • Support charitable organizations
  • Integrate iConnectX with corporate social responsibility programs
  • Engage employees to support social giving campaigns
  • Increased marketing opportunities

How do I participate as an Individual?

Answer :   Build a Network

By registering as this type of user, you will be able to purchase time from Executive and Experts, but you will not be able to build an iBridge and sell your time to help support nonprofits. You can participate in all other activities such as auctions and events for the nonprofits.

"Donate time as an Executive/Expert"

Executives and Subject Matter Experts can not only register, but they have access to our Patent pending “iBridge” feature.  This allows them to donate their time in exchange for a donation to their favorite cause.  Other registered users pay for using this time based on the set iBridge price. Money paid by the user goes to the nonprofit of the executive or subject matter expert’s choice after the meeting is completed

What is iConnectX

Answer :   iConnectX, the revolutionary new social platform where professionals use their networking skills to support nonprofits. Nonprofits gain access to free tools to promote their cause, volunteer opportunities, manage auctions, events and ticket selling.

I forgot my password what do I do?

Answer :

You can get reset your password with us.  Simply follow the steps below:

  • Click on Login
  • Click on “Forgot your password”
  • Enter your email id and click on “Send reset password email”
  • You will receive an email to the account you used to register
  • Click on provided link
  • You will be taken to a page to enter and confirm your new password. Click on reset password and you are complete!

How do I search for my favorite Charity before I register?

Answer :

  • Go to
  • Enter your favorite charity name in the box that says “Find Nonprofits, people, Companies, Events & Auctions and click on the magnifying glass.iConnectX charity account

How do I invite others who are not registered in iConnectX?

Answer :

  • Login to your iConnectX account
  • Click on connectionsiConnectX account
  • In the provided text box, enter his/her email id and click on “Invite”iConnectX account

Does iConnectX have a Mobile App?

Answer :

Yes. You can download the mobile app from the Google Play store or Apple App Store.

Download the app for iPhone or Android
iConnectX charity accountiConnectX charity account

Or, scan the code below to download the iConnectX app.

iConnectX app

How to create an account?

Answer :

  • Click on Create Account on the Home Page
  • Choose how you would like to participate? Individual/Organization
    iConnectX charity account
  • Fill the registration form and click on submit
    iConnectX charity account